Friday, June 24, 2011

The Unexpected Embrace

Today I had to go to a local craft store looking for a good white pen to do some Zentangles on black paper. When I got in line at the check out counter, a young mother and two little girls...about 2 years old and younger, were in front of me. The mother took the little girls out of the cart and put them down on the floor while she paid the cashier. As I stood there in line, waiting, the oldest of the two little girls said "hi" to me. I smiled at her and said "hi" back to her. Then the most unexpected thing happened!! She toddled over to me and put her arms around my leg and hugged me!! WOW! Talk about a wonderful gift!! 

I need a lot of hugs these days and this was so special and surprising. Then she looked up at me and did it again. I put my hand on her head and tousled her thin, toddler hair. Then she said "bye bye" and her mother took her and her little sister out of the store. I wanted to cry....from happiness....that this little girl hugged me, not once but twice. It might not have meant anything but to me it was the world!

Hug someone today.....

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  1. Can you just imagine what a better world it would be if everyone hugged a little more often? You just gave me a great topic for my blog this morning. I wanted to cry just reading this! hugs, Susan